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Reframed Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition (Holistic Medicine)

Welcome to our total wellness blog!

Natural healing, Holistic medicine, Innate healing

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Reframed Wellness Family/Team

Hello, My name is Dr. TJ Raven and I am a Chiropractor and my wife Shelby is a function nutritionist. Together we make up the team at Reframed Wellness. We chose this name because we believe that the current way majority of people go about their health is completely counter intuitive.

Our purpose for this blog is help others learn more about how they can improve their health in the best way possible. We want to educate people so they can make the best decisions for their health. Additionally, this is place were people can learn at their own pace and hopefully that one key thing that has been holding them back from obtaining their full health potential.

Expectations for the reader: We will be focusing post mainly on Chiropractic care and Nutrition. Haha, so basically that means anything and everything!! Here is as short list of some topics we may discus: Correct posture, Tension release stretches, Spinal curve restoration, Common causes of back pain, Headaches, Shoulder pain, Emotional and mental health, Nutrition labels, Vitamins or supplements, Healthy foods, Holistic modalities & much much more.

Why are we doing this?

Dr. TJ: I have always enjoyed helping and serving others, and found that through Chiropractic care I am able to help solve the root causes of pain and discomfort. My ultimate goal is to help others make good healthy habits now by giving them different tools that they can use through out the rest of their lives. What I do is not a band-aid fix, but I help to figure out what is causing the issue and go after that. If the root cause is not identified then the symptom will undoubtedly remain.

Shelby: I got into Nutrition through my own life experiences. After years of going from doctor to doctor trying to ease my symptoms and only getting a band-aid fix that either, didn't help or added new symptoms, I knew there had to be a better way. Through diet and lifestyle changes I was able to clear my symptoms and feel better than I had in years and knew that I had to share this knowledge with others. I want to help people truly feel better and get rid of symptoms that, although may be common are not normal. My big focus is resolving the root cause of any healthy condition through natural diet and lifestyle means.

We are happy and eager to serve you!

At Reframed Wellness we will do our absolute best to help you obtain your best health in a Natural and Holistic way that best supports your bodies own innate ability to optimal health.

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